Standard Setup

This will be a brief consultation with the customer to define what each machines use will be i.e. Road, Touring, Trackday or Full Race, rider weight and pillion percentage will also be taken into account.

Adjustments will then be made to the standard suspension to find the best balance and set-up for the individual needs of each rider, advice will then be given for pillion and luggage settings if required.

Cost £95.00 + Vat

Front Fork Springs, Fork Oil and Full Setup

As per standard setup, but this also includes a spring change to the forks. This may be essential or just another step to reduce compromise and achieve a better setting.

Cost £215.00 + Vat


Individually setting the oil system inside the forks or rear shock absorber can drastically improve how your suspension works.

Costs From: Shock £45 + VAT, Forks £75 + Vat (Excluding Service Cost)


Many motorcycles can be neglected when it comes to suspension, only having the fork oil changed if an oil seal was to fail. Oil deteriorates over time and through use so to get the most for your motorcycle it is important to replace oil at the correct service intervals.

Many standard shocks can also be serviced, replacing the oil, seal and gas

Cost From: Shock £89 + VAT, Forks £125 +VAT


Replacing the forks or shock absorber for a higher quality item, with a wider range of adjustments to eliminate compromise completely.

Cost £CALL


If you would rather send us your suspension parts in the post, we are happy to do what is required and return the parts via insured courier. Please contact us first to talk about the work and package your items carefully, Please include a covering letter including
your name, contact details and as much information as needed about the contents of the package. Turn around times vary
depending on the time of the year, but we do our best to get the parts returned to you as soon as we can!


Our reputation is largely built by the everyday road or trackday rider who feels they probably wouldn't benefit or feel the difference.

"I'm no Valentino" is often said when describing their own ability, Valentino has the abilty to ride around most if not all problems with set-up.

Riders of all standards will see the same level of benefits from touring comfort to lap record road racing.